A downloadable text game for Windows

Night Sky IS a game about working a day at a remote arctic research base.

Night sky WAS supposed to be a psychological horror game fucused around being on a remote arctic base with only a single collegue until the rest of the crew return from some time off.

The file will be added for download at the time frame specified by the comp.

This did not turn out at all as I expected or as I wanted, essentially one could say that almost everything was cut in one way or another to meet the deadline.

After the deadline I will make a post mortem to cover what went right, what went wrong, and what I should take with me for future projects.

Recently updated with a unity implementation. More stable rendering.


NightSky (deprecated wpf).22-06-25.zip 56 MB
Night Sky (unity) 2022-07-12.zip 22 MB

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